Common Name: St. Paul’s Wort

Botanical name: Sigesbeckia Orientalis

Luganda Name: #Sseziwundu

Properties.- Seeds and flowers are sticky.- Considered alterative, antiseptic, aperient, depurative, sialagogue, tonic, vulnerary.- Studies have suggested immunosuppresant, antibacterial, antiallergic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound healing, antihyperuricemic, phytoremediative, antimetastatic, neuroprotective properties.Parts used: Leaves, shoots, whole plant.UsesFolkloric- Leaf decoction used as alterative; in lotion form, used as vulnerary.- Used for diseases of the urethra.- Aqueous extract, in syrup, sometimes combined with potassium iodide, used as alterative, sudorific, and antisyphilitic.- Roots used for abscesses.- In Europe, mixture of equal parts of a tincture and glycerine used externally for ringworm and other parasitic eruptions.- As antiseptic, fresh plant applied to unhealthy ulcers. Decoction of leaves and young shoots, used as lotion for ulcers and parasitic skin diseases.- In La Reunion , reputed as sialagogue, vulnerary, tonic, aperient, and depurative.- Juice of fresh herb used as a dressing for wounds, where it dries leaving a varnish-like coating.

In China , long known as a remedy for ague, rheumatism and renal colic. Used for worm fever, loss of appetite, to relieve wound pains, chronic malaria and extremity numbness. Also, used as anthelmintic, tonic antidote, analgesic, and for treating gout and rheumatism.- In Perichon’s Sirop depuratif vegetal , used for venereal and scrofulous affections.- In Indo-China , whole plant prescribed as cardiotonic.- In Tahiti, plant is an ingredient for herbal preparations used for wounds, sprains, dislocations, and contusions.- Used to induce menstruation.- In Britain , with glycerine, used for ringworm.- In Marutius Islands , used for syphilis, leprosy and other skin diseases.- Used externally to soothe inflammation and facilitate wound healing.- Used by Creoles as protective covering for wounds, burns, etc. Leaves applied to the skin provides a covering similar to collodion, called’colle colle’ – stick stick.- In India , powdered dried roots made into a paste with water, mixed with cooked vegetables, and used to cure eczema, mouth, throat, and other skin diseases. New Uses- Skin / Stretch Mark Remover: An ingredient in many skin care products with claims made as stretch mark remover.