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  • Sseziwundu


    Common Name: St. Paul’s Wort Botanical name: Sigesbeckia Orientalis Luganda Name: #Sseziwundu Properties.- Seeds and flowers are sticky.- Considered alterative, antiseptic, aperient, depurative, sialagogue, tonic, vulnerary.- Studies have suggested immunosuppresant, antibacterial, antiallergic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound healing, antihyperuricemic, phytoremediative, antimetastatic, neuroprotective properties.Parts used: Leaves, shoots, whole plant.UsesFolkloric- Leaf decoction used as alterative; in lotion form,…

  • Akasandasanda


    Botanical Name: Euphorbia hirta Common Name: pill-bearing spurge, asthma plant, hairy spurge, garden spurge, pillpod sandman Luganda Name: #Akasandasanda CONSTITUENTS: It contains alkanes, triterpenes, phytosterols, tannins, polyphenols, and flavanoids.Medicinal Uses:- It has been shown to kill various types of pathogenic bacteria, Plasmodium (potently).- Has a curative effects on dengue fever also known as breakbone fever,…