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natural Pharmacy

We develop herbal teas, decoctions, tinctures, oils and capsules from the flora around us to national and international standards.
They are readily available and some offered over the counter.

research and development

Our country has a very rich and diverse ethnomedicinal information database on herbal medicine and a strictly national guidance council on alternative medicine. We invest heavily in research in development and production of our herbal products

community outreach

We strive to extend our products and services to all those that best need them. We therefore organise community outreach programs to communities far away from our operating areas. We also have radio programs and online talk shows.

consultation & inquiries

These services are free, we aim to among others educate and inform the masses the advantages of using natural resources for our health.

customer care

Customer is king. But in this case, they are patients or enthusiasts that seek a health service or product. Therefore we pay extra attention to everyones individual need in order to serve them best.

lab tests & referrals

Some ailments are unpredictable, others morph into other health complications. We take diagnosis seriously so that we can match treatment efficiently. We refer cases we cannot guarantee to handle to other specialists.

Specialist Doctors

Specialisation is key in treating the various health complications, That is why we have staff that are specialised. We as well collaborate with conventional medical practitioners in some complicated cases that may require surgery

Modern Laboratory

Laboratories help in diagnosis and control of safety standards for the herbal products.

Affordable pricing

The common misconception that natural supplements are overly priced is not applicable at SEFA.
We provide products and services at competitively low prices.

Along the years, Sefa Organic has achieved several goals, becoming a point of reference on natural medicine in the Country. The outreach programs across the country have seen Sefa Organic services and products reach over 525,000 homesteads and it has won multiple awards of excellence from NDA.
Mr. Mulwana Kizito
founder & CEO
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